Changes afoot

For those of you waiting anxiously for a blog update, I am going to post a few photos to keep you going, while I bask in the glorious UK summer.

This little creature appeared on the patio just before I left- I think it would be happier in a tree. There are, apparently 160 species of chameleon, many of them native to West Africa, and I haven’t yet found which this is. Nothing on Google images to help, so if anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment.


I was somehow reminded of ‘Jungle Book’ when three palm nut vultures took up a perch each.


I did see one snake in the garden – didn’t have my camera to hand, and in any case jumped too high to take a decent photo. It had yellow and brown/black longitudinal stripes about 0.5m long – any ideas folks?  The gardeners seem to call every snake ‘mamba’ so they didn’t help.

Next post will be some flower photos, so get ready for ‘what’s this flower’!



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