Fresh flowers

Apologies if you have been waiting for the flowers.  Here, at last, are some photos of flowers in our garden. The garden is now lush after the rains and everything is growing with vigour. The mango trees are again taking ‘tree’ shape, rather than chopped branches, and the shrubs which were trimmed are now bushy, instead of straggling. More to do, but isn’t there always in a garden?

On our patio are pots of this delightful plant, Tacca Chantrieri aka Black Bat Flower, Bat-head Lily, Devil Flower or Cat’s Whiskers. As you can see it is quite spectacular and most unusual – not many black flowers around.




Multi-coloured frangipani – I was told by the gardeners that the juice from the stems can cause blindness if it gets in your eye, so I won’t be trimming them anytime soon.  I think this yellow flower may be Allamanda.


In Lagos these pink flowers were eaten by the birds, but here they seem to be one of the delicacies enjoyed by the green monkeys – the smaller monkeys often fall off the shrub because they venture too far along the flimsy branches to reach the blooms, but the wiser ones bend the branches back towards themselves and munch the flowers. It seems to be a mimosa, or Pink Silk tree.



We recently acquired this from a friend’s garden.  I’m not sure what it is. Any ideas? It may be related to the ginger family? The one below is another mystery – it’s quite a large fleshy flower, about the size of my hand. I tried to put it in water but it soon wilted.  It grows on a low growing, but sprawling shrub and has quite a pleasant perfume. Please let me know if you recognise it – it is the shape of hibiscus, but much more fleshy: almost like an orchid flower.



We often enjoy these flowers indoors and they grow all over the garden giving a welcome splash of colour.

My next project is to get the gardeners to try growing vegetables….. I’ll keep you posted!


3 thoughts on “Fresh flowers

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  2. Look lovely Julia!
    My daughter Rebecca will be starting work in Freetown in about three week’s time. She will be a projects manager there for six months with the BBC’s NGO, BBC Media Action.
    I hope to be able to visit her in the New Year.

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