Rain, rain….

The rainy season is with us. A couple of weeks ago we were enjoying the clear air and bright colours of the landscape washed clean and made lush by early showers. The colours are still bright and the landscape lush in between the torrential rain and the occasional ray of sunshine. Newly tarmacked roads are strewn with mud, stones and debris washed down from intersecting dirt tracks. It’s no one’s job to clean them up, so they will just get muddier and stonier. Potholes on older roads are getting bigger and deeper and ominously filled with muddy water.



Taking an umbrella everywhere is wise, but I have yet to master the art of getting into a car and collapsing an umbrella in a smooth operation which doesn’t negate the use of said umbrella; in those few seconds of collapse in torrential rain you still get very wet. Local guards and motorbike riders sport a variety of rain gear – quite a few sets of Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) from ebola times have been seen around. Footwear is not a problem so long as it is washable or very waterproof.

Not expecting much respite until September, which will be after we leave Sierra Leone at the end of this month.




2 thoughts on “Rain, rain….

  1. Thanks Julia for all your impressions. I have really enjoyed them and will miss them. will you continue at your next posting?

    • I may well do – I have enjoyed having a forum to share the information I gather on various topics. Great if other people enjoy reading them!

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