About Me

I have accompanied my diplomat husband for over 30 years to Argentina, New Zealand, Denmark, Thailand, Australia and Nigeria before coming to Sierra Leone.  In each country we have travelled, taken photos and tried to learn about the people, culture and history.  Along the way we were joined by our three children, a daughter and twin sons, who have since shared our adventures and continue to do so in their holidays. They are ‘third culture kids’ having been brought up in five countries on four continents.

The aim of this blog is to share with family and friends our experiences in this West African country which most people know little about beyond the film ‘Blood Diamonds‘ and the brutal civil war.


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello!
    I’m planning a trip to Banana Island and wonder how I could contact the pastor you mentioned as a tour guide?

    • Sorry Steve, I’m no longer in SL. You could ask your boatman or ask at one of the island resorts, I’m sure they must know the pastor/school teacher!

  2. Have you seen this article about the discovery of a real photograph of Bai Bureh? Send me your email address and I’ll forward it to you.

  3. Hello-
    I was very interested on your entry about the Sierra Leone Railway and your great grandfather. I am currently writing a book about the Railway in that same time period. In your entry – you mention going to the Sierra Leone Archives. I was wondering if you gathered any archival material there that I could use – seeing that I am unable to visit there at present (although I have been there several times) and whether you would be willing to share it with me?
    Thank you,
    T Hogg

  4. Looking forward to learning more about Sierre Leone. I’m living in Mozambique and have found the peoples transition from war to peace fascinating. I’m sure you must experience something similar in Sierre Leone? Love your images, I am your new follower!

    • Great to have you on board! Yes, this is a fascinating country and it amazing how quickly people are getting on with the push to develop and improve their lives. I loved your ‘spa’ day in Beira – finding a hairdresser who can cope with non-African hair can be a challenge! Hope you now have that sorted (or a good pair of scissors).

  5. Julia- Your blog is wonderful- I LOVE your photos. I enjoy hearing about your newest country and seeing it through the “eyes” of your camera.

    Wish I could grow a Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow plant here in Connecticut, US. The colors are unique and beautiful!


  6. Loving the updates……sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Did all the children come out for the Easter break? x

    • Yes, sadly the boys leave tomorrow, but Helen staying until Thursday. They all seem to like it out here! Just shame they had so much revision to do. Hope you had a good time with yours.

  7. Dear Julia.
    Wonderful to follow your Impressions of Sierra Leone. Very interesting.
    Lots of love to the family
    Niels and Rita

  8. Hi Julia
    Really enjoying reading your blog – such a great writer! – is there anything you are not good at? – the place looks stunning – we better book our beds for a visit.
    Caroline x

    • Thanks Caroline! Hope I can continue to find topics to write about and time to do it. Yes, bookings now open, but we may need a bit more time before we can help organise excursions etc! Car still in Lagos!

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