So long Salone!


It has been sometime since I last updated this blog. This is because my time in Salone has sadly come to an end. I very much enjoyed exploring this beautiful country and will miss the lovely people I met there. My next adventure will be in Uganda and I will endeavour to keep a blog there too, so will post a link here when I start it, so anyone interested can follow me.

In the meantime I thought I should make this post an index of past posts to make this site easy to navigate. Click on the brown names to reach the relevant blog:


Why is Sierra Leone so called?

My great-grandfather in Sierra Leone

The Connaught Hospital  and environs

Bunce Island and Slavery

Delphine Reynolds pioneer aviator

National Museum

Railway Museum


Chimpanzee sanctuary at Tacugama

Turtle Islands

Banana Islands

Bonthe and Bonthe 2

Big Water and Picket Hill

Guma valley


Interesting projects

Aberdeen Women’s Centre

Diamond Child school


Pottery at Waterloo

Dignity market disabled project

There are other blogs about flowers, walking the beaches and the seasons which can be found by the search box or Past posts.

I hope readers have found this entertaining and informative and look forward to exploring Uganda with you!